retro-technological institute

We explore the possibilities of combining the new and the old to achieve a unique visual expression and create novel multi-media content.
We collect and preserve media production equipment from “the analogue era” to examine classic techniques of visual effects and video-art.

The Institute holds a large and ever expanding inventory of various electronic devices, old filmstock, equipment for analog television production and photography.


Content creation

Audiovisual recording studio
Analogue video synthesizer systems
Old TV-production and transmission equipment
Error aesthetics and glitch-art

Media technology archive

We collect all kinds of media and playback devices from the last century: software, cine film, VHSs, microcassette, game consoles and 8-bit computers to name but a few.

We use our growing collection of devices and media for novel projects while preserving them for posterity

CRT TV installation design & rental service

Need a old CRT TV for your next show or production? Our CRT TV rental service can provide you with a range of different options.