Our render farm consists of 25 fast Intel based computers, each equipped with 2 high-end Nvidia GPU’s. Installed software includes 3dsmax, C4D, Houdini, Blender and anything else can of course be configured as needed. We use Thinkbox Deadline to manage render jobs which can easily be accessed from anywhere to check status on current and pending jobs. Our farm is fully licensed with Redshift & OctaneRender engines.

Optimize your render-time with Hackfarm – Why waste precious time when your render could be finished already?


We offer motion capture services using Noitom’s brand-new Perception Studio suit. Record your motions, dance-moves & acrobatics in up to 240 frames per second. Motion data is optimized and cleaned up and delivered as fbx, mbx or bvh format. If required we can of course also rig and render your characters.